Thanksgiving in the Smoky Mountains

You can almost smell the turkey in the oven; Thanksgiving is that close! We are so excited for the holiday season, and we hope you are too! If you’re searching for the best place to gather the family, have you considered one of our North Carolina cabins? You will find the Smoky Mountains right outside your windows and memories being made within the walls of your log cabin. Join us this year for an unforgettable holiday that consists of delicious food, family bonding and a time for giving thanks.

Smoky Mountain Cabins

Our North Carolina cabins are the perfect place to gather up the family this year. Our cabins come with well-equipped kitchens and various amenities that will keep the family entertained and comfortable for a long holiday weekend. Don’t turn your rec room into a guest bedroom when you can make a luxurious Smoky Mountain cabin your home away from home this year. Let’s take a look inside some of our fabulous cabins, spacious enough for the entire family.

Did you know we have 19 different North Carolina cabins with four or more bedrooms to choose from? Imagine what you could do with all that space! All the family and friends you could bring along.

River of Dreams sleeps up to 14 people!

The Summit Lodge sleeps up to 10 people!

Moose Creek Lodge sleeps up to 11 people (plus your pets! woof)

These are only a few of the beautiful properties we have to offer for the holiday season. Look at all of our spacious, multiple bedroom cabins for your family’s needs this Thanksgiving. The kitchens are large; the tables are set, and all you need to bring is the turkey and a big appetite!

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