Smoky Mountain Activities: A Visit to The Biltmore House

Want to partake in a different yet thrilling Smoky Mountain activity? If so, make sure to free a good part of your day and head to the Biltmore Estate. The Biltmore House has become a very popular amongst many tourists because it offers a window into how social elites lived a century ago. This phenomenal home can be explored from top to bottom, which can surprisingly take up a good part of your day.

Things to do at the Biltmore House:

Visit the Biltmore Winery

Perhaps the biggest reason as to why so many tourists love the Biltmore House is their astonishing winery. The Biltmore Winery is one of the most visited wineries in all of America, offering its guests complimentary and specialty tastings as well as access to a full wine bar. If you’re looking for an activity to do when staying in a cabin at Smoky Mountain Getaways, you should definitely purchase some Biltmore House tickets and spend the day exploring the enormous estate grounds.

Lose Yourself in the Reputable Biltmore Gardens

The Biltmore gardens are a must see. They were specially designed by the American landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted, and are absolutely ravishing. Extensive work has been done to preserve the original version of the garden that only a genius like the Olmsted could have designed. It’s over a century old, making it one of the largest and oldest botanical conservations around today. It’s also home to over 250 varieties of Rose.

Learn About the Biltmore House’s Rich History

This enormous and luxurious estate has been preserved in every way. Built over a century ago, nearly every charming aspect of this house is still in tact, which is why it has become an overall sensation for all Smoky Mountain visitors. Visitors are free to wander the halls the need of a guide, taking in all the vintage clothing, art, quaint furnitures, 16th century tapestries, and accessories. The Biltmore House has a library with over 10,000 volumes in it, a bowling alley, and indoor pool, and a gorgeous banquet hall!

Want to see America’s largest home with your own eyes? Schedule a time to visit the Biltmore Estate on your next visit to the Great Smoky Mountains and enjoy a glorious day of history, wine tasting and beautiful scenery.